I was born in Malmö 1981, where I was brought up and still live and have my own studio. I was a dyslectic and restless child. As a skateboarder I got in touch with the graffiti culture and 1995 I painted my very first wall. I was 14 at the time and did not know then that it would be the beginning of an endless world-tour. I knew that I would dedicate my life to art and had my first studio 1997. Since then, 7 studios later, I still have an own studio in Malmö.


     O            K

My hunger to create took me first around Sweden, then inter-rail to most countries in Europe and finally I did long-journeys to India, USA, South America etc etc, half of my time is spent abroad. Graffiti is essential in my life, it develops and renews my skills, and is the key to unexpected and unlimited meetings and places. My painting is not graffiti, it is Abstract Art where I use the same energy. As an artist I had my first exhibition around year 2000, and since then have had over 50 exhibitions in Scandinavia and USA. I have also been commissioned by brands like Adidas, Diesel and Carhartt etc for their stores. After all these years I finally admit the importance of having a home-page. Enjoy!!!



Never-ending stories on canvas 


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From small walls to big buildings


Illums, Diesel Store, Adidas ect..